Players and Groups

All games at The Adventure Museum have been designed for groups of 2-6 players.
Since games are 1-5 minutes long each, you can mix and match players in and out of games throughout your visit
if your group is larger than 6 people.

If you have 20 people or less, feel free to use the BOOK NOW button anywhere on this site.
For groups of more than 20, please use the large group request form below.

2-20 Players

Birthday Parties

Over 20 Players

Ages and Height

While there is plenty of fun for most ages at The Adventure Museum,
the games have been designed primarily for older kids and adults.

In many cases, people under 60″ tall will need assistance from a
taller member of their group to complete a game.

This also means that even in games where a wheelchair can comfortably fit in the room,
players in wheelchairs will need assistance from ambulatory members of their group to complete a game.

All Players 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or older.

Location and Arrival

The Adventure Museum is located at 3115 Walnut Grove Road in Memphis, TN.
If you have a group of 2-20 people, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start time.

Upon arrival, each member of your group will need to be registered and given a player wristband.
To expedite registration, please have each member of your group sign the waiver before arrival.

AMUSE – The Adventure Museum
3115 Walnut Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38111

Lockers and Attire

All players must wear closed-toe shoes that are designed for physical activity.

After arriving and receiving your player wristband, you will have the opportunity
to place your belongings in one of our free storage lockers.

We recommend placing all purses, phones, keys, jackets
and anything else that might slow you down or get lost inside a locker.

Tickets and Pricing

Ticket prices for ages 8 and up are shown below. There is a 50% discount for ages 2-7 years old.
A ticket must be purchased for every person to enter, regardless of how much they expect to play.

1-Hour Pass


Per Person + Taxes and Fees

2-Hour Pass


Per Person + Taxes and Fees

4-Hour Pass


Per Person + Taxes and Fees


All players must read and sign the waiver before receiving their wristband and starting to play.

Kids under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver for them.
If the parent or guardian will not be present, the waiver must be signed before arrival.

To expedite the registration process when you arrive, we ask that you have
every member of your group sign the waiver in advance.

The waiver can be accessed by clicking the button or scanning the QR code below.


If you still need help after reading below, please contact us at 901-401-6565 or

The Adventure Museum is a state-of-the-art social gaming facility with 35+ games and over 100 levels of fun designed for groups of 2-6 players.

We believe play is a form of art, so we set out to create a place that celebrates and curates the finest form of fun imaginable—going on an adventure together.

All adventures allow 2-6 players at a time and all battles allow 1-2 players. However, 6 is NOT the limit on how many people you can bring.

You could theoretically have up to 150 people that you bring in your “group”. Since your attempt to beat any game will take just 1-5 minutes, you can mix and match players in and out of your team whenever you want.

Every player who visits Amuse does need to fill out a waiver! Participants who are under 18 will need a parent or guardian’s signature in order to play. This waiver covers general liability throughout and outside of the space. You can fill your waiver out before you arrive to make your check in process faster!

While not all of the adventures and battles require physical activity, several of them do require movement and you’ll have more fun if you’re dressed with that in mind! Come ready to move. Because of the physical nature of a majority of the games, close-toed tennis shoes are REQUIRED. Be mindful that hats, jewelry, sunglasses, keys, wallet, cell phones, etc. all could be lost while playing and should be kept in the lockers.

Yes and yes! While we do recommend purchasing tickets in advance (especially for busier times on nights and weekends), we do allow walk-ins. Walk-ins are subject to availability at the time of playing. We do not accept cash so please bring debit or credit to pay.


Want a quick tour to see what The Adventure Museum is all about?
Watch the video tour below, or schedule a free 15-minute tour
and one of our amusement guides will show you around!