Welcome To The Adventure Museum

This is a place for people to come together and play.
Remember what it’s like to just lose yourself in a game?

Since this is the next evolution in live-action entertainment,
you probably haven’t seen anything like this before.

So let us tell you:
Put simply, it’s a giant building full games that were designed
to give you hundreds of hours of entertainment.

You heard that right. Even if you come spend an entire day playing,
you’ll likely just scratch the surface of the 100+ levels we’ve already built for you.


Games Currently On Display

Our Story

The Adventure Museum was brought to life in 2023 by the same founders
that created Memphis Escape Rooms in 2015.

And just like we’ve done with our escape rooms, we write, design and build
everything you experience here at Amuse.

Every game, prop, puzzle, widget, and gizmo has been created by us
and our amazing team of game designers, carpenters,
engineers, artists and programmers.

We believe play is a form of art, so we set out to create a place that
celebrates and curates the finest form of fun imaginable—
going on an adventure together.

The Elements Of Adventure





We believe the best adventures have the element of Discovery—so you may not know exactly what to do at first.

We also believe the best adventures are Challenging and require Persistence—so don’t be surprised if you fail…a lot.

But the best adventures also have the element of Reward—so at the end of every adventure is a surprise element to prove to the world that you are among the few capable of tasting sweet, sweet victory.

Are you ready to create your own masterpiece of play?